Fitting a four piece suite in a typical 1930’s bathroom

Something that we get messages about almost daily are the dimensions of our bathroom. A typical bathroom in a 1930’s semi would often have started out as a small-ish washroom with a separate toilet. Many have since been knocked through to fit a modern bathroom. They’re often on the smaller side and very square, making it difficult to configure to fit a four piece bathroom suite. Judging by the number of messages that we get, we weren’t the only ones struggling with layout!

When we moved in our bathroom already had a four piece suite, with an enclosed shower and a corner bath. Both were small and weren’t the best use of space.

Original bathroom

This did show us that a four piece suite could feasibly fit – we just had a to be clever about how we did it. It was going to be tight. After living in the house for a year we realised that behind the plastic panelling (above) was quite a big gap. When we pulled the panelling off there were two layers of tiles as well. This meant that we actually gained some space in the bathroom and had more to work with.

We decided that we quite liked the original layout, and keeping it this way would reduce costs as we wouldn’t need to move much of the plumbing. The dimensions for the bathroom are 2.4 x 2.5m (below).

Architect drawings

We knew that we wanted a free standing bath, and a walk in shower. This would have to fit into 2.4m and was going to be tight. Jack spent forever searching for the right bath. He found the perfect one from plumbworld, here. It is a 1500mm bath but is really quite deep. It is so comfortable and more than big enough, although I will mention that neither of us are giants. The bath is tucked up right against the shower and next to the vanity and it feels so comfy hiding in that little corner!

We wanted a 900mm walk in shower but taking into account a small gap between the bath and shower and the shower screen it just wouldn’t work. We ended up with an 800 x 1000mm shower which is more then enough for what we need. To make the space feel bigger we decided to tile the shower floor instead of fitting a tray and I think that this helped.

The only other thing to mention is the size of the vanity unit. The unit is 800mm wide and has lots of storage. It leaves plenty of room for the bath and toilet either side.

There you go, hopefully this helps if you’re in the middle of a bathroom renovation and have a similar, very square room. As always, any questions drop us a message on Instagram.

Emma x

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