Fitting a four piece suite in a typical 1930’s bathroom

Something that we get messages about almost daily are the dimensions of our bathroom. A typical bathroom in a 1930’s semi would often have started out as a small-ish washroom with a separate toilet. Many have since been knocked through to fit a modern bathroom. They’re often on the smaller side and very square, making … Continue reading Fitting a four piece suite in a typical 1930’s bathroom

Extension floor plans

I know, I know. If you follow along on Instagram you’ll be sick of me banging on about the extension. The problem is, we’ve been planning this room for years. Seriously, years. It’s the most exciting project that we’ve ever done together and to be honest it’s all we talk about. If it isn’t for … Continue reading Extension floor plans

DIY Alcove Storage

So, lots of people have asked for a step-by-step of how we built the alcove storage in our living room. We had been quoted approximately £800 to build these so we decided to give it a go ourselves. We’re not experts/professionals so please take this guide with a pinch of salt but here is how … Continue reading DIY Alcove Storage

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